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  • When will XXX be back in stock?

    As of April 27th, 2017, our current estimate of when out of stock products will be available again: Mid/Late May 88 Blue 88 Silent Red We do not accept pre-orders. You can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our front page for product updates.

  • Are your keycaps compatible with backlit keyboards?

    Our keycaps are not compatible with backlighting. They can still be used with compatible Cherry MX keyboards, but the legends will not glow with the backlighting. However, our colored keys will have a faint glow when installed over LED backlighting since they are molded from colored plastic. Our keys will have a faint glow when installed onto a backlit keyboard. Here is an example of our blank ke...

  • Can you print legends on the front/side of the key?

    No, we do not have the ability to print on the front side of the keycap. We can only print on the top surface of the key.

  • What material are your keys made of?

    All of our keys are made of ABS plastic. We coat all of our printed keys with UV clear coat which adds additional texture and increased durability to both the legend and the surface of the key. Our UV coated keys are considerably more durable than traditional laser etched ABS keys.

  • What printing methods do you offer?

    We currently offer UV printing for our keycaps. This process also coats the top of the the key with an extremely durable, textured, matte clear coat. UV printing allows us to print full CMYK colors with resolutions up to 600 DPI.

  • Where are laser etching and engraving options?

    As of Dec 9th, 2013, Laser etching and engraving options are no longer available. All keys now use UV printing. Learn more about UV printing here.

  • My USPS tracking number is wrong?

    Tracking information on USPS is not available immediately. Please allow 1-2 business days for your tracking information to populate to USPS servers. USPS may use recycled tracking numbers without purging the delivery status first. You may see see existing delivery information if you track your package right away. This will be updated with the initial scan by USPS.

  • How do I turn on backlighting on my CODE keyboard?

    To turn on backlighting on your CODE keyboard: 1. Unplug the keyboard. 2. Enable SW6 on the DIP switch. 3. Plug the keyboard back in. 4. Use Fn(Menu)+F12 to toggle lights on/off. Fn+F11 will adjust the brightness setting. The keyboard will save your lighting preferences even when unplugged. It is possible to turn on the backlighting, then disable SW6 to regain the use of your Menu key if you d...

  • Comments

    We will try to accommodate all requests as best we can when submitted through our "comments" section upon ordering. We can do simple requests such as; "Can you make all my text red?" or "Can you change my "line" keys to regular R2 1x1", "Can you print "Hello World" on my spacebar?". This is not limited to design changes. However, please keep in mind that the comment section requests are to be i...

  • Plate Mounted Vs. PCB Mounted Switches

    Cherry MX switches are mounted to the keyboard via two popular methods; plate mounted and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) mounted. The most common method for mounting Cherry MX switches to a keyboard is Plate Mounted. This method allows the housing of the switch to grasp a metal or plastic plate providing a very secure mount, then the switch is soldered into the PCB below the plate. PCB mounted switch...

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