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UV Printing

Our unique UV printing process gives us the flexibility to make custom printed keys and improves the durability of the key at the same time. Laser etching and engraving is no longer available.

UV printing allows us to print darker blacks on colored keys when compared to laser etching. White print is not as full as laser etching, but still provides excellent contrast and legibility. 600dpi+ printing resolution provides much crisper prints compared to laser etching allowing thinner lines and smaller details to be clearly printed.

The UV coating does slightly change the feel of the key compared to a normal uncoated ABS keycap. The coating gives the key slightly more texture. Improved durability will keep the "feel" of the key consistent.

With UV printing, the durability of the print and the key surface is dramatically increased compared to uncoated ABS keys. Laser etched legends can wear and fade with use as the plastic surface itself is worn by contact. This is also the cause of "key shine" where the areas most touched becomes slick and shiny. All our printed keys have a full UV clear coat over the top of the keycap to protect the keycap surface and any printed legends.

CMYK Printing
Colored printing is also possible with UV printing. This allows us to print colored legends or even full color graphics. This option will only be available with the use of layout files. If you are interested, please contact us for more details as we are still in the process of finding the best way for customers to utilize this feature.

All keycaps, including blank keys without legends are UV coated except for keys in the "Blank Keycap Singles" category which are listed as "uncoated ABS" keys.

We stand by the quality of our keycaps and offer a 1 year warranty on all UV printed keys.

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