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Custom Layouts: Beginner Tutorial (adding text and moving objects)

In this tutorial you will learn how to add text and move objects within your custom layout file.

This tutorial is separated into three parts:
1. Basic functions; opening files and viewing layers.
2. Text; adding and editing text.
3. Moving texts and objects; Moving and snapping

Basic Functions

1. Let's begin by opening your downloaded inkscape svg file.

Right-click on the .svg template file you downloaded from our site. Select Inkscape from the context menu.

If you open your file and you don't see any layers, it's because you've dragged and dropped your layout file into Inkscape instead of opening the inkscape file directly. 

​2. Next we will open the Layers Window​. Go to "Layer > Layers..." from the top menu or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+L


3. Click on the Eyes next to the layers to show the layer(s) you want to edit.


4. We're going to use the Text Tool (F8) to select and edit our text.

Click on the Text Tool [1]
Hover over the text you wish to edit until the cursor changes, then click and drag over the text to select it [2]
You can now change the font family [3]
You can manipulate the font size [4]
You can set text to bold [5]
You can set text to italic [6]

*Important: When you are finished editing your text, click on the Move Tool (F1) to exit text editing.

Moving text and objects

5. We're going to use the Move Tool (F1) to select and move our text and objects.

Click on the Move Tool [1]
Click-drag a bounding box over the text or objects you wish to edit, or simply click on a single object to select it [2]
You can now click and drag your object or text to move it around


6. Let's enable Snapping (%) to further align and arrange our text and objects.

Click on the enable Snapping icon [1]
Doing this will enable multiple options for snapping objects [2]
You can hover your cursor over the options for tool-tip explanations of what these snapping options do
Drag your selected object near another object (such as the grid) to snap it into alignment [3]

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