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Custom Layouts: Intermediate Tutorial (adding custom text colors)

In this tutorial you will learn how to add color to text within your custom layout file.

This tutorial is separated into two parts:
1. Default Text Color; Default text color printing.
2. Advanced Text Color Editing; Defining specific text colors.

Default Text Color

By default if you submit a layout with all black legends, we will print the keys that you've selected as black in the V2 Designer with white legends. Subsequently; any keys you've selected that aren't black in the V2 designer will be printed with black legends.

1. You submit a layout with all black legends
2. Your V2 Designer has both black keys and white/colored keys
3. By Default your final printed design will automatically have white legends printed on black keys and black legends printed on all white/colored keys:

If you want to fine tune and select the exact colors of text that will be printed, follow along below in our advanced text color editing tutorial.

Advanced Text Color Editing

1. Select the text you want to add a custom color to
2. Open the Fill and Stroke Dialog panel, Object > Fill and Stroke (Ctrl+Shift+F)


3. Click on the Fill tab, next click on Flat Color, then click on the Wheel tab

Use the color wheel to select the color you desire. Use the outer wheel first to select the color, then use the inner triangle to fine tune your selected color by adjusting the saturation and tint. ​

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