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Custom Layouts: Advanced (working with images)

In this tutorial you will learn how to edit bitmap images within your custom layout file.

This tutorial is separated into two parts:
1. Converting Bitmaps To Vectors; Defining specific text colors.
2. Covering Keycaps With An Image; Use a single image to span multiple keys.

Converting Bitmaps To Vectors

1. Import (File > Import) a bitmap image in Inkscape (choose embed) (Ctrl+I)
2. Select the image

3. Open the Trace Bitmap (Path > Trace Bitmap...) window (Shift+Alt+B)
4. Experiment with the scan options to create a vector

Single Scan is good for creating single color outlines or silhouettes, best for very simple and iconic shapes
Multiple Scans is good for creating full color vectors

Change the threshold or color values then press Update to get a new preview of changes. When you're happy with the results of your preview, click OK

Covering Keycaps With An Image

In your V2 Designer you must choose a single color of keycaps to cover (cannot mix and match keycap colors when spanning keys with an entire image)

Before importing your image, save it as a jpeg, preferrably with a resolution of 300ppi

1. Open the Layers window (Layer > Layers...) (Ctrl+Shift+L)
2. Unlock, then select the Clipping Mask layer
3. Import your image (File > Import...) (Ctrl+I) (Embed the image)
4. Move your image to where you want it to fall on the keys
5. Select your image and lower it to the bottom (Object > Lower To Bottom) (End)
6. Select both your image and the clipping mask
7. Clip the image (Object > Clip > Set)

If you need to move your image after you have clipped it, you can release the clip (select the image Object > Clip > Release), move your image, then set the clip again.

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