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    Is it possible to use a custom text color in the layout along with custom keycap colors?  In that case, do I choose 'blank' for the alphanumeric layout style when checking out?

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    You can use any text/print colors you like in your custom layout file, and leave the default text color field as black priority on the product page. If you just want one text color for everything, you can set it in your file, or leave everything in your file as black and choose a custom text color on the product page. We have someone look over the file when setting it up for print, so if we have any questions, we'll contact you.

    You can set the various layout options to "blank" if you wish. These will be overridden when submitting a custom layout file, so it is OK to leave these sections at their defaults.

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    I have been having some trouble custom coloring the keys in inkscape. I made the key grids and key frames invisible and just left the clipping mask, then used the fill tool but it never filled the entire outline to the line and leaves a white space around the entire key on the inside, then if I try to fill the white space, it only partially fills it with tiny slivers of color and leaves tiny white lines between each attempt. It also seems to do it with each fill attempt. For example, if I fill it once with black, then fill it again to change the color to red, it will have the white ring just inside the line, and then a black ring all around it inside of that.

    I noticed I can also just make boxes of color that cover the entire clipping mask key outline, it goes over the rounded lines for the corners though. I am wondering if it would be safer for me to do that so I know for sure the color will cover the entire thing?

    Here is an example of most of the things I mentioned, pictured. The white ring inside the outline on all the reds, and the black ring when I changed the top ones from black to grey, then the top red ones are the box strategy. 

    Edit: I think I just accidentally found somewhat of an answer. If I use the fill tool when zoomed in really far (so one key takes up most of the screen) the white lines are much, much smaller. It still exists but it is workable. Still open to a proper solution though and I would still like to know if it makes more sense to go over the lines to be sure like in the picture.

    Also curious if the image is printed just on the top of the key and the base color is used for the sides regardless, or if everything from the outline is stretched over the entire key (down the sides).
    Example: (zoomed in fill on left, fill at normal size on right) 

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    Key colors should be designated in the online designer tool on the product page, not in the Inkscape file. Your custom layout file should only contain what you want printed on the key tops. 

    We can print on the entire top surface of the keys (key frame shapes) The sides of the keys will just be whatever color the key is, and not receive any printing.


    I hope that helps, feel free to email us if you have any more issues with Inkscape.

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