WASD V3 vs CODE vs VP3




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    Mike W.

    Is the Code 60% discontinued?  I can't find it anywhere on this website besides this page.

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    The CODE 60% is discontinued, sorry. We may come out with a new version in the future but do not have solid plans for that as of now.

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    Is the VP3 the same as the V3?

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    The V3 is the new version of the V2. The VP3 is our 60% keyboard made in collaboration with Vortex.

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    Sandro Barros

    In the description, you've mentioned that the V3 is programmable, I received mine today, and  I'm having some problems to program it,  there is no manual in the box. Can you point me to some material on how to do it? 

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    文豪 贾

    Same as the last message said.

    I saw the description of the CODE V3 mention that

    - 4 Customizable Layers
    - Via hardware, no additional software needed
    - Programmable key mapping and macros over four individual layers

    Could you give an example of how to do it?

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