Intro to Custom Layouts




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    Chris Hamilton

    Great article. I will give this a try. 1 question -- if I supply custom layout, will the printed keys allow backlighting (will the text be translucent so that the backlight shines through the text on the keys as it does with the original keys?)

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    No, the keys will not allow backlighting to shine through the text. The keys for the Code keyboards are made differently than our UV printed keys.

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    Andrew Magerman

    HI guys, I've just fired up a new instance of ubuntu to get started with my custom layout. I'm confused, though, because I was expecting a layer where I could determine the colour of the keycaps. Have I missed something?

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    Sorry for any confusion. The custom layout file is meant to contain only what you want printed on the keys. The keycap colors themselves are chosen through the online designer tool on the product page. 

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