Keyboard Firmware Updates




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    There are no links in the article. How are we supposed to update the firmware? More detailed instructions would be nice.

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    百涛 李

    I download the right executable file and run it, but it show that "Can't Find USB HID Device".Unplug and reinsert is also useless.And then I run it as Administrator, it works. That's great.

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    Brandt Krueger

    Hey folks, just a heads up that if you upgrade the firmware, be sure to download the .9 manual listed above- the DIP switch settings change a bit from what was sent out in the box (which I'm now seeing is labeled V2/V2B).

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    Xin Dong

    Hey I installed the firmware which indeed fixed the ~ issue. But now even after I set both switch 1 and 2 to ON, Mac mode is still not activated, i.e. the Command key and Option key is not swapped. Any idea?


    [UPDATE]: Ok I have to do a factory reset and then the new settings can be applied. The instructions can be clearer, or the firmware installer should flush the settings.

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