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    This is true

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    Sorry, the options weren't that well explained. When choosing your colorway option, you have two options:

    Option 1 - Fixed Colorway

    The designer to pick the colorway. Customer cannot make any changes. This is useful for designs that incorporate a specific keycap colorway.

    Option 2 - No specific colorway

    When the designer does not specify a colorway, the default key color will be black, but the customer can also change the key colors to any combination they would like. The layout will behave the same way as our existing layouts in our designer. Customer can also choose the text color priority or change the text color entirely.

    We are in the process of making a new designer as well. This is just a work around for the time being. The end goal is to load each design with a preset colorway, but customers can always opt to change the colors.

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    I did understand the options. But thanks for elaborating again.

    My concern is that the default black would obscure maker created prints.
    The new designer would of course solve this problem. So good to hear.

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    Ah, I see what what you mean. Our "trick" around that at the moment is that we make all the text a gray color, so it shows up on all the keys. We would do this ourselves for all the submitted designs when posting the design online.

    We have a new designer in development right now that will allow the objects to change colors depending on the keycap color behind it so the text will always be the optimal color. 

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