Wireless Keyboard or Adapter



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    Dennis Schulz


    I would also like to see a wireless version and would prefer it as a non-bluetooth keyboard as I've experienced many problems using it before the OS has fully started years ago.


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    Definitely!!!  Wireless is the only way to go.  No cords to tangle and get in the way, and easy to move the keyboard away if you need extra desk space.

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    Eduardo Fávero Pacheco da Luz

    Me too! A wireless version of WASD would be awesome!

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    Morten Mols Gravesen

    Why is this not a thing yet?
    Gaming grade wireless keyboard thanks! And don't forget to make ISO tenkeyless versions, no competitors do that, so come on, you can only win this market cause there is no competitors! :D 

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    David Bullock

    It's case of how to power the keyboard.   When you lose the USB cable, you also lose the power source, so you have to uglify the keyboard to cram in batteries somewhere.  The internet suggests that, for some reason, mechanical keyboards necessarily consume more power than other types, so that might (if true) push the design uglier to accommodate bigger batteries.  Including a power source aboard the keyboard may also mean getting more regulatory approvals regarding RF interference ... in all the countries where the products are sold.

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    David Bullock

    However, I too would like the wireless convenience.

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    Paul Lin

    Though, there are plenty of wireless keyboard, requiring batteries, that are nice and thin.  Just look at all of Apple’s wireless keyboards, or Logitech wireless keyboards.  Matias mechanical keyboard has a battery that lasts 6 months on a single charge.

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    Martin Andersen

    +1 for this from me as well. And please consider standard RF whenever possible (*not* bluetooth) - for compatibility. Currently the options for (good) wireless keyboards are limited, and it would be great to also be able to customize the caps as opposed to being locked in to the standard caps used by, e.g, manufacturers such as Logitech.

    It might be sacriligeuous to mention, but a good, functional illuminated keyboard (no Xmas-lights but something basic, and which can be disabled via a switch) would also be extremely useful as well in dark environs where I frequently use my kybds.

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    Nick Kurncz

    Would love to see something like this for sure. I use the CODE keyboard every day for my office work, and cleaning up my cabling would be a lifesaver. (Especially with an electric standing desk) I'm not really concerned about the latency since I use it for programming and casual gaming. I love the clean designs of WASD boards and an enhancement like this would bring them to the next level. 

    It would be interesting to pitch the concept of an add-on item for your current products that would just click on to your existing keyboard, then you could retrofit any of the styles. Maybe tap into the mounting points of the riser feet?

    Regardless of which direction you guys were to take it, I think it would definitely stand out in the crowd. @Martin did a good job explaining that for sure.

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    Nathan Lilienthal

    I've been wondering for a while if something like https://blog.hackster.io/usb-keyboard-to-bluetooth-with-the-hid-relay-120d78aa32bb would work well.

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