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    I'm having very similar issues on 2.8, almost to the point that macros are unusable. I can assign a macro to one key combo, then assign another macro to a different key combo, and for some reason both combos now perform the later combo. I've had this with up to four different macros, where they're all linked together or something. Oddly enough, after a factory reset, it will work normally again, for the most part. I'm also seeing an issue where I define a macro for a key or key combination, it appears to program in correctly (the LEDs flash appropriately after I hit PGM to save at the end), but then it just doesn't do anything.


    It seems like I have better luck if I can create my macros one by one without modifying anything - once I try to make a modification to anything, everything just goes to hell. I've even had (twice) a situation where the keyboard appeared to "crash" - it was stuck in programming mode (Fn + PGM), but nothing I could do would get it out of it. Fn+PGM did nothing, either PGM or Fn by themselves did nothing, Fn+layer key did nothing, etc.

    Unless I have some kind of hardware problem that doesn't present itself when just using the keyboard without macros or something, I'd say that this firmware is embarrassingly poor. Maybe I'm just missing something, but I spent several hours today just trying to define a half dozen simple macros to enter like 20-character strings of text. I kept having to start over, or to factory reset the board, because it would start having issues, and then they would just get worse and worse.

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