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    We've been exploring the possibility of a hot swap compatible PCB. This model would be a little more expensive than what we offer, but would allow us to offer additional switch options along with the freedom of the customer to change them at will. The only issue right now is that the parts are relatively new and we don't want to run into any reliability issues.

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    It has been a year.  Any news on keyboards with hot swap switches?  I love WASB keyboards, but I don't see myself ever buying another keyboard that forces me to make a one time decision on switches.  My last purchase was a Glorious GMMK Compact and 6 different types of switches.  It has been great being able to try various switches and mix them up on a hot swap board. 

    And, one more for the WASD wish list, please offer a 65% keyboard, 67/68 keys.  I don't think many people even use function keys anymore, and if they do, wouldn't mind once in a great while pressing FN+1 for F1, FN+2 for F2, etc.  Function keys are a good use case for a FN key layer, along with other seldom used keys.  Additionally, 67/68 keys allows for an arrow cluster, which I missed on the GMMK Compact (61 keys).  67/68 keys are perfect.  Because, 67/68 keys can be very compact, but not too compact for long time full size keyboard users.  I am going to buy another keyboard soon, I want it to be a WASD.

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    Still no immediate plans in the works for hotswap PCBs or other sizes right now, unfortunately. Expanding options is definitely something we're working on, but we can't say for sure when new models might become available.

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