CODE 105 nordic Mac layout



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    Thanks for your suggestion! We are considering other layouts for the CODE ISO models, but do not yet have a time frame for when they might be added. We will likely not add Mac specific keys, but perhaps an add-on kit at some point in the future would be possible.

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    That would be terrific!

    Another option would be to ship the extra language specific keys in the box, for each of the three languages. And let buyers install the ones their want. A price increase for the extra keys is then to be expected.

    There are (currently) no keyboards on the marked that offer a Nordic (or in my case Norwegian) Mac layout, backlit and with MX Clear keys.

    From my perspective, it doesn't matter if it costs $150 or $250 - I need two for Mac and one for PC and will buy them as soon as I can find a product that ticks all the boxes.

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